Pheasant Feathers

Lady Amherst Pheasant Orange Tipped Feathers

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Very rare Lady Amherst Pheasant Orange Tipped Feathers mostly range from 2-4 inches long. The tip, or rounded top of the feather is wispy and a natural orange side tail feathers with black and white barring. They are sold in packs of 5 Pieces, 10 Pieces and 20 Pieces.

Special Notes:

  • Feathers are clean and sanitized, ready to be used
  • Perfect for making wedding headpieces and costumes
  • Can be used for Arts and Crafts, D.I.Y. Projects

Feathers are shipped with bubble-wrapped envelop ensuring protection during shipment.

We ship to any country in the world, although shipping carriers and delivery times may vary.

There is tracking available for every package. In your order confirmation mail there is a link that allows you to track your package at all times.

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